Make Bookings Direct Again

Telkie is the next-gen platform to drive direct bookings for your hotel.
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Put a stop to bleeding out

With a staggering portion of your rooms being sold via OTAs, it’s time to bring direct bookings back and put a bandaid on bleeding out on commission. Pay as little as USD$1 for each lead you receive. 

Connect with guests

Dialogues have changed. Stay in touch with your guests anywhere and anytime with our powerful integrable messenger.

Restore pricing autonomy

Your hotel will no longer have to match OTAs’ prices.
Put the power of pricing back in your hands.

Adapt to the digital age

Receive hands-on training of our digital solution to transform the way rooms are sold and enjoy complimentary marketing promotions.

“By far the most reasonable charging model amongst those of all chat solutions out there.”

- Hotel Grand Saigon


Cross Chanel Integration

The Telkie messenger is integrable across the most popular IMs, such as Facebook Messenger, LINE, WhatsApp, and WeChat is on the way!

Organise Your Chats

The chat dashboard allows you to manage all conversations in one place with powerful features to extract information from each user. 

Evaluation & Tracking

A monthly report with detailed figures will be provided so you can make strategic decisions.

Charging Model

Telkie adopts a performance-based charging model, similar to the common PPC practice.

Simply pay USD$0.5 for each chat session you have!